Top Five Tips This Winter

Tip 1: Accessorise

Lamps turn them on! Why have a lamp and not use it?

There is nothing more welcoming than the warm light of a lamp. Light up those motionless corners,  add grandeur to a bed or a sofa with tall lamps, dig out that vintage floor lamp from the garage and put it in the living room.  It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match anything, that’s the charm of it.

Cushions 1 meter of your favourite fabric will make at least 3 decent sized cushions.  Or if you have any spare fabric, use it! A cost effective way to add warmth and character.


Tip 2: Fur Throws

Wrap up warm in a fur throw or simply admire it softly draping over your armchair, stool, sofa or bed. It is little extras like these, and their matching cushions that warm the atmosphere and instantly make your room inviting.

Tip 3: Tell A Story

Make your home about you.  Chose fabrics that mean something, or simply make you smile.  Autumn 2017 collections see some beautiful ‘scene’ fabrics and wallpaper. Find a scene special to you and don’t be afraid to use it. Look out for designs from Etamine, PT, Thibaut and Manuel Canovas

Tip 4: Bespoke Footstools

An upholstered footstool brings the room together and is a great way to tie in all the different textures and colours of the room.  If your room is lacking something but you just can’t put your finger on it then a footstool will add this pop of ‘something’.

1. Don’t be afraid to go BIG! The bigger the better. And don’t be fooled by small rooms, most of the time they are shouting for big! and bold!

2. It is a chance to use your favourite fabric and be adventurous.

3. A footstool is also an extra seat  for  those large family gatherings

4. Most of the footstools we make are with a flat top so you can use it like a coffee table.  A tray with candles looks lovely and adds some twinkle in the middle of the room, especially if the fire is not being used.

Tip 5: Refresh your floors

Don’t play safe, go wild! 

2017 is seeing some fantastic new flooring coming to the market. Bold stripes look incredible in narrow hallways. The stripes add length and the wide stripe adds a sense of width to a narrow room.  Bold colours are striking and welcoming.

A rug rather than a fitted carpet would work equally as well.

It is not just about our eyes…

All of these tips should be accompanied by a subtle, spicy aroma drifting around your home which will instantly relax and uplift. Our favourite this winter is The Beatle by Sophie James Mayfair, other wintery fragrances in this collection are the Stocking, the Key and the Wasp.

Love your home.