Can Creativity Be Taught?

People often think you either have it or you don’t, but I’m not sure I agree.

The President of the British Institute of Interior Design, Charles Leon, believes creativity is a way of thinking and looking at the world.  It is a method that can, and should, be taught by nurturing, inspiring, giving confidence and being receptive to the world outside ourselves.  

For Interior Designers, this means keeping up to date with the latest knowledge, skills and values so to be able to step beyond the norm and offer unique solutions to problems.  So many of my clients approach me with the same phrase “I’m useless at interior design so we need you”.  In my opinion and from my experience, no one is useless at designing.  The fact my clients have approached me in the first place means their creative minds have been working big time, they just don’t know how to get there.  And of course most don’t, they don’t have the knowledge, skill or confidence us designers have.  So we come in to guide them to their destination.

Creative thinking is having original ideas that have value. There is no point in having wonderfully original ideas if the audience is not eager to embrace them.

For me, creative thinking is a life skill that should be cherished and exercised in every aspect of ones life.  Creative thinking stems from an inner eagerness to change and improve using influences from all parts of your life.  Having been designing homes around the North West for over 10 years I have learnt that delivering creativity by applying creative thinking, is down to Confidence. This is confidence to look beyond what you initially see and go a step further, and further again. Confidence in your knowledge. Confidence that if at first it doesn’t work, you try again, until you reach your vision.  Confidence in the fact no one else shares your mind, you are original. Confidence in your team to interpret, develop and deliver your thinking.

Creative thinking is an extremely powerful tool of change and ultimately success.  This is why Creative Thinking can and should be taught in schools to give young ones confidence in their own thinking setting a strong foundation in self belief for years to come. Not only is this positive for our mental wellbeing but also for the world in which we live.  More creative thinking will lead to a far more interesting place.