Five tips to decorate your home for winter

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Winter, a time to wrap up warm, the season of Christmas & snow. The last thing you want to do is come home to a cold, cool feeling house. So we’ve come up with a few simple tips to help you achieve a stylish but cosy home throughout the winter months.

1. Change the colour of your soft furnishings

Firstly, Red! Red fabrics are fabulous for creating warmth. Now, we don’t mean go out and upholster everything in red – simply add an element of red into your room through fabrics. It could be simply with cushions or a throw, but if you are more committed to your winter room you could upholster an armchair, footstool or even your sofa. By red, we don’t mean as a block colour, use any fabric or pattern that has an element of red and this will transform your room. Mulberry’s Meadow Silk fabric in Red/Gold would make a sumptuous pair of winter curtains whilst Ian Mankin’s Kintyre Check in Peony would warm up any footstool or armchair. Both use a deep red which intensifies the glow of a winter fire.

2. Use natural accessories to bring the winter inside

During spring and summer we all become fixated with outside living. Well in winter, the key is to bring the outside to you. Using nature, through winter plants, is a fabulous way of adding hints of rich colour and texture to your room.  The classic way of doing this is through wreaths and decorations over mantles, but why not pick some holly from your garden and add it to a platter or decorative bowl. Another idea is to fill a lantern with Epson salts and bury cranberries amongst them to give that pop of red under a flickering candle. Don’t be afraid to unleash your creative wildness, after all Christmas is the one season you can get away with it! Decorate around candles with green foliage and red leafy plants such as poinsettias, a classic Christmas plant but they look fabulous all winter long.

3. Use cosy accessories to bring warmth and additional colour

Using nature as an accessory is certainly effective however you will need some depth from other accessories to balance the colours. Firstly, throws are a must and so useful! Where there is a chair, there should be a throw. Ian Mankin does a great collection of throws with warm winter patterns.  You can also cover cold floors with a simple rug or a floor runner, Crucial Trading and Alternative Flooring have launched some fabulous new designs this season, including Tweed and Tartan. The bespoke sizes and range of colours and patterns means these rugs will work nicely in any home. And come spring they can be rolled away until next winter.

4. Accessorise your fireplaces

Most homes these days have central heating, but houses with a fireplace can benefit from a toasty warm log burner, and what would a fireplace be without a rustic looking log basket to give it that ‘ski chalet’ look, another great accessory for winter. We believe the heart of every winter home is, of course, a fireplace or log burner. You can frame a fireplace further with a bespoke fender, not only do they act as a safety guard for children, they also provide extra seating within a room for those fabulous Christmas and New Year parties you will be throwing!  When the snow is falling and you’re snuggled up by the fire with a mince pie and glass of mulled wine, there is no feeling quite like it!

5. Create the right atmosphere with winter fragrances

And finally, winter scents are always important in creating the right atmosphere.  If you have ever visited our showroom or on our website you know there is only one fragrance we go to and that is Dr Vranjes. These fragrances are packed full of natural ingredients and essential oils ultimately enhancing the feeling of nature in the room.  There is so much subtlety and variety within their scents that you will subconsciously identify something different every time you enter the room. The more ‘musky’ fragrances for winter are Spezie Rare, Ambra, Terra and their Christmas scent Dell Albero di Natale.  Spezie Rare is one of our favourites, it consists of pepper, all spice, nutmeg and ginger along with patchouli and sandalwood.  Ambra is another popular one for winter; it is made up of Iris, amber, sandalwood and a delicate vanilla blend with nutmeg and cardamom. Then there is Terra, the balsamic, essence of Siberian pine, green moss and provencal lavender is mixed proportionately with Vanilla essence, mint and bourbon; and interesting mix, with a sensational result!

Overall, the key to help you and your guests enjoy your winter home just think of the five human senses, if you tick each of these boxes this winter, then you can’t go too wrong!

See:     Firelight, candle light, warm rich colours, texture, nature

Smell:  Nutmeg, pine, sandalwood, spice, firewood

Touch: Texture, luxurious warm wools or glistening glamorous silks

Hear: Soft background music, carols or the tinkling of a piano

Taste: We’ll leave this one up to you!

We hope you enjoyed our five tips to decorate your home for winter, please use the share buttons to tell your friends.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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Megan is one of our cherished bloggers at No.77 Interiors and has an eye for detail when it comes to interior design.

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