Why are Home Fragrances Important to Every Home?

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l_GingerandLime250LR-500x500Everyone will know the famous quote “There’s no place like home.” – We agree there isn’t.

Is there a better feeling than walking through your front door after being away from home for the past few weeks, months or even years? It finally hits you that you are home when you finally get the lovely scent of your house, which you don’t normally notice every day.

The sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any of the other 4 senses, so obviously it plays a big part in how we think and ultimately how we feel. Many won’t be aware that certain essences can positively affect your mood.

Do you need to relax? Lavender is associated with calming down the nerves and is even considered as a sleep aid.

Are you tired? Cinnamon can reduce fatigue.

Do you need cheering up? Citrus tones are thought of as improving mood and concentration.

Are you stressed out? Peppermint is associated with alleviating stress.

You can easily feel more comfortable in your own home and those four facts show that we should be using the power of scents to our advantage, furthermore 75% of our daily desires, emotions and moods are influenced by the human sense of smell.

This is why we believe it is vital that every loving home should have it’s own personal and pleasant aroma, we aren’t saying that if you fail to take advantage of home fragrances, your home is going to smell unpleasant, we can assure you, providing you keep it clean – it won’t. We believe that a distinctive, fresh smell would be more beneficial for your most sensitive scent!

Ultimately it doesn’t matter if it’s in the hallway, living room, bedroom, office or conference room, we think every room should have a pleasant scent, ensuring you feel comfortable in your own home.

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